Miami, FL

Getting To Smart!

Date: 02.11.20



9:00 - Check In

9:10 - “Getting to Smart”-Peter Murray, Executive Director, Dense Networks

9:20 - Miami Update-Mike Sarasti, Director of Innovation and Technology, Miami

9:40 - Smart Connected Cities-Moderator, Peter Murray, Executive Director, Dense Networks

-Mike Sarasti, Director, Innovation and Technology, Miami

-Jim Lockwood, CEO, Aero Wireless

-Mark Prohaska, Manager of Technology, FPL

-Lisa Youngers, CEO, Fiber Broadband Association

-Amanda Wood, Attorney, Grants, Becker & Poliakoff

10:30 - Break

10:45 - Coral Gables-Raimundo Rodulfo, CIO, Coral Gables

11:05 - Emerging Network Technologies, Moderator, Peter Murray, Dense Networks

-Kurt Jacobs, Senior Director, JMA Wireless

-Raimundo Rodulfo, CIO, Coral Gables

-Brad Baumann, VP, Gabe’s

-Daryl Sullivan, Senior Director, Hitachi Social Innovations

-Josh Broder, CEO, Tilson Technology

11:50Smart Connected Real Estate

Moderator: Peter Murray

-Ernie Fernandez, University of Miami, CIO and VP

-Scott Jackson, Manager, Broadband, Graybar

-Leo Delgado, CEO, Converged Services Inc.

-Luke Lucas, Senior Manager, Engineering, T-Mobile

-Keith Jones, Director, Granite Telecom

12:40 - Lunch and Networking

2:00 - Adjourn


Director of Innovation and Technology  |  City of Miami

Mike Sarasti is the City of Miami’s Director of Innovation and Technology, a position charged with driving innovation, technology operations, process improvement, collaboration, and data-driven strategy across municipal government.

Director, Information Technology  |  City of Coral Gables, Florida

Raimundo Rodulfo is the Director of Information Technology of City of Coral Gables, Florida, responsible for strategic planning, management and continuous improvement of city-wide IT operations, infrastructure and smart city initiatives.

President  |  Converged Services Incorporated

Leo Delgado has been actively involved with the Telecommunications and Broadband Industry for over thirty years.

Vice President of Wireless Solutions  |  Gabe's Construction Company

For the past 37 years, Brad Baumann's career spans work in some of the telecommunications industry's most exciting developments.

Executive Director  |  Fiber Broadband Association

Lisa R. Youngers currently leads the Fiber Broadband Association as its Executive Director— the largest trade association in the Americas dedicated to all-fiber-optic broadband.

CEO  |  Aero Wireless Group

​Jim Lockwood is Founder/CEO of the Aero Wireless Group of companies, established in 1998, and a national provider of wireless infrastructure products, engineering and consulting services

CEO  |  Tilson

Joshua Broder serves as CEO of Tilson, which under his leadership, has grown from less than 10 employees to more than 550 in 23 locations.

Sr. Director, Ecosystem, Alliances & Business Development  |  Hitachi Social Innovation Business

Daryl Sullivan leads the Ecosystem, Alliances and Business Development practice for Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business division in the Americas.

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