St. Louis




Danna Ellison, District Vice President, Graybar welcomes the
audience to St. Louis.


Smart City Infrastructure Panel- (L to R) Peter Murray, Dense
Networks, Patti Zullo, Charter, Alda Licis, Landmark Dividend, Dr. Robert
Gaskill-Clemons, City of St. Louis, Lisa Youngers, Fiber Broadband
Association, and Michael Stevens, City of Columbus


Dr. Robert Gaskill-Clemons outlines St. Louis Smart City plans.


Emerging Technologies Panel-(L to R) Greg Hrebeck, Hitachi
Social Innovations, Kurt Jacobs, JMA Wireless, and Michael Stevens, CIO,
City of Columbus


Graybar team manning the welcome desk. 74 people attended the


David Eckell, Smart City Program Manager, Graybar introducing
the Getting to Smart program.